Welcome to the homepage of KnowledgeOffice, the Open Source Microsoft Office plugin for the KnowledgeTree Document Management Server


KnowledgeOffice is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL license

New adminisitrator/developer required - both myself and my fellow developer have not had time for a long while to adequately support and update KnowledgeOffice and, given our current work commitments, this situation is likely to continue. We both feel we are doing this useful little plugin a great disservice. If anyone is interested in taking over the stewardship of this project, please contact me and we can arrange it.

All administrative tasks, such as logging of bugs, forums and feature requests are handled through the KnowledgeOffice Sourceforge page. Questions and feedback are welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact the project administrator or join a mailing list.

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  • Notices - pertinant information regarding the current release, the next release and project policy changes
  • FAQ - some frequently asked questions
  • History - history of major events by date


CVS access

The project is now under active development again and is available via anonymous CVS for all those interested. Details for accessing the CVS anonymously can be found on the project cvs page. The module name is knowledgeOffice.

Project hiberation

The project authors will be away on business for a limited period of time. Development on KnowledgeOffice will continue from mid-July onwards, when they return (we promise). Until then, continue to log bugs and post questions - the lists and forums will be checked regularly.

Version numbers

Version numbers will now work as follows:
  • They will be of the format (release version number).(major revision number).(minor revision number) e.g. 1.28 denotes a release version number of 1, a major revision number of 2 and a minor revision number of 8
  • Major release numbers will be changed very infrequently and only when certain milestones have been met
  • Major revision numbers will be changed when new code is released that users should upgrade to
  • Minor revision numbers will change when new code is released that contains bug fixes/extra functionality, but for which an upgrade is not necessary

New functionality to be added
  • The next version of KnowledgeOffice will come with a new bit of very useful functionality. An auto check-in/out on save feature has been added and is in testing. Users will have the option to have their documents checked in and out behind the scenes everytime they save, ensuring KnowledgeTree always has the latest version of your document.


1) Will KnowledgeOffice be available for Linux?

The answer to this question is a two part answer, since KnowledgeOffice comes in two parts (the client and the server)

The server

Currently Mono, the open source implementation of the .NET framework, is in it's final beta release stage with the production version being scheduled for released on 30 June 2004. Remoting, which is the technology used by the KnowledgeOffice server, is one of the libraries implemented. Once the production version of Mono has been released, KnowledgeOffice will be ported and tested to see if it works.

The client

What people usually mean when asking if the KnowledgeOffice client will run on Linux is, "Does it work in OpenOffice?". At this stage there are no plans to port to OpenOffice, since no C# API exists yet for OpenOffice. If anyone knows of one, you can point us to it and we will happily begin the port.


  • New functionality (auto check in/out on save) in testing
  • Version 0.3 deployed. A full change log can be found on the documentations page
  • Fix for bug allowing multiple users to check out the same document simultaneously in testing
  • New code to be deployed later this week
  • Version 0.2 deployed. A full change log can be found on the documentations page
  • Mailing lists (user and developer) go live
  • Security bug whereby all users have access to all folders fixed and in testing (code not available yet)
  • New code to be deployed by 08-04-2004
  • Version 0.1 deployed
  • The KnowledgeOffice website goes live
  • Downloadable code and applications should be available within the next few days
  • Beta testing begins