Where the project is

Currently the project is in Beta phase and the current release version is 0.3.

The final goal is to provided the following functionality:

  • Add new documents to KnowledgeTree from Word, Visio and Excel
  • Check out documents from KnowledgeTree to Word, Visio and Excel
  • Check in documents to KnowledgeTree from Word, Visio and Excel
  • Some form of document tracking, removing the need for browsing on check in/out
Here is a list of things to watch out for:
  • User names and passwords are currently stored in plain text
  • KnowledgeOffice cannot handle document renaming. If you rename a document, KnowledgeOffice won't be able to manage it anymore
  • KnowledgeOffice has only been tested on XP with Office 2003. Other Office or Windows versions cannot be guarenteed. If you have tested on other Office/Windows versions, please let us know the results.

Where the project is going

The focus of the project will currently remain on the ability to add, check in and check out documents from KnowledgeTree through Microsoft Office. The user interface for and use of the Office add-in will be improved on and more Microsoft Office products may be integrated (depending on demand).

Comprehensive documentation for both users and developers will be provided.